Move it, Shake it, Lift it

AO: Academy

When: 07/11/2023

QIC: Boss Baby

PAX (2): Devito, Mayhem


VQ was a success!


Circle up for side-straddle hops, weed pickers, and imperial walkers

The Thang:

Today we began with a 1.75-mile jog. Following the jog we completed 3-different “4-corner” style exercises with a brief stop at the coupon store. Covered 3.75 total miles.

1) The Jog (1.75 Miles), 15 minutes
The jog took us through the neighborhoods behind academy. (Meadow Dr > Mayfield Cir > Mayfield Rd > Hook St > Shady Grove Ln > Canton St > End at Vaz Kouzina)

2) Mini 4-Corners at the Fountain (Merkins), 10 minutes
Three sets of 4 different merkin variations by the fountain.  Decline Merkins (5) / Wide Merkins (5) / Diamond Merkins (5) / Reg Merkins (10). Step-ups (10) on fountain in between sets.

3) Town Green 4-Corners (Ab/Core), 15 minutes
Three sets of ab exercises and burpees. Run the long sides of the green and bear crawl the short sides to get to each corner. RBCs (20) / Flutter Kicks (20) / American Hammers (20) / Burpees (10)

4) Pit Stop at Coupon Store, 5 minutes
Three sets of curls (15) / bent over rows (15) / skull crushers (15)

5) 4-Corners around Track (Legs/Core), 15 minutes
Three sets, run/jog to each corner. Mountain Climbers (20) / Burpees (10) / Squats (20) / Bonnie Blairs (20)


Drafting a softball team for Monday nights, looking for players.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Pleasure leading today, thank you to Mayhem and Devito for the support along the way!

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