‘Historic’ BD

AO: Widowmaker

When: 07/15/2023

QIC: Feathers

PAX (27): Cox, Deep dish, defcon2, DeLorean, Flo, Funyun, Ha-ha, Mater, Meatball, Mounty, NRA, Sparky, Speedo, Stu, Tenderfoot, Tightrope, TMI, TURK, Walkie Talkie, Zohan, shuttlecock, Jolly Rancher, Slash, Trudeau (FNG), GitHub (FNG), Roundup (FNG)


Cox set high expectations for me in promising an ‘Historic Beatdown’.  Undeterred, I stepped up to the challenge, dusted off my History BA, and laid some knowledge and some wood.


Mosey, SSH with car dodge, Weedpickers, Moroccan Nightclub with car dodge, copperhead squats, tempo merkins, mosey to the soccer field.

The Thang:

Lesson 1 – the killing fields (1975-1979 Cambodian Genocide – it’s estimated that 1.3M Cambodian residents were systematically slaughtered for sympathizing with the ousted, pre-communist government).

Start at endline.  Burpee broadjump to the circular logo at midfield, bear crawl the back half of the circle, then 4 count lunge and no surrender back to the endline.  Mosey to the top of Manmaker Hill.

Lesson 2 (a daily double) – Bunker Hill (an early battle of the American War for Independence.  A tactical victory for the Brits, but a costly one as they suffered more that 2X the casualties, and realized America was not going to be an easy out.  Added a nod to tomorrow’s date in history: July 16, 1945, date of the first successful test of an Atomic bomb in Alomogordo New Mexico.  Picked up two unfortunate, er, lucky FNGs mid-Thang.

4 cones place on the hill marking bottom, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4.  Start at the top, run down to the 3/4 cone, back up to the top, perform 2 T Bombs.  Run down to the 1/2 Cone and back, 2 T bombs.  R&R until all cones are visited.  Proceed to the oval parking lot.

Lesson 3 – American Revolution.  Partner up and find a curl-suitable coupon for each pair.  PAX were asked to raise their hands and answer the following question: ‘In what year did hostilities commence in the Revolutionary war.  Burpee for each wrong answer.  We did a lot of burpees.  Answers ranged from 1768 – 1781, and I’m almost certain we guessed every wrong year before we finally landed on 1775, which included the legendary skirmishes of Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill.

Partner Dora – Curls and 1 lap.  When each partner completed both, all PAX performed 75 single count mountain climbers.  Second lesson – in what year did hostilities cease.  We got this one on the second guess – 1783.  Curls and 1 lap per partner, followed by 83 single count SSH.  Mosey to the concession stand.

Lesson 4 – On this day in 1870, the final remaining secessionist state was readmitted to the Union.  PAX were asked to raise their hands and answer the question, “which state was that”.  Answers were aplenty, and most of them wrong.  Answers included: Texas (burpee), NC (burpee), Mississippi (burpee), Virginia (burpee), Mississippi again (2 burpees), and SC (burpee), until we finally landed on our home state of Georgia.  To commemorate, we honored the back-to-back national champion Georgia Bulldogs:

DAWGS: 7s of Diamond Merkins and Annies.  Mosey to the flag and finish with 5 Wide Merkins, and 5 Gorilla HumperS.

Bonus European History – Today is an important holiday in Europe – who can name it?  This was answered on the first try.  It is, of course, Bastille Day.


Welcome 3 FNGs – Trudeau, GitHub, and RoundUp.  Announcement of upcoming Site Q and Name change at this AO on 8/16, CSAUP ReadyMix Memorial Quad 8/11-8/12, and a FIA/F3 convergence also in August.  Always a great pleasure to lead this group.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A reminder that we meet not in a private gym, but out in our community.  This means we are always on display.  Be mindful that someone is always watching us or listening to our mumblechatter.  Let’s be sure our actions and words represent F3 and its core values.

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