Everything is 7 Reps

AO: Starting Line

When: 07/08/2023

QIC: Seaman

PAX (9): CATFISH, Closets closets closets, DDoS, Janeway, Lightweight, Rocket, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot


Three pax for the pre ruck, very nice conversation.


Disclaimer, explained the BD, did we do any warm up?  No, seriously, I can’t remember.  Why are we here?

The Thang:

We moved to a bit of real estate near the stairs where many a Starting Line Q has brought the pain.  The plan is simple, I designated point A and point B.  On the dry erase board I specified what exercise we would complete at both points, as well as how we would travel to get from point A to point B (and vice versa.)  You may now ask, how many reps?

Seven reps of EVERYTHING.  How many reps?  Seven.  How many times did the PAX ask me how many reps?  More than seven.  Good fun from the PAX.  I returned the fun by threatening Script Kiddie with a 60 minute stargazer BD in the future if he did not settle down, but again, all in good fun.

Point A                                        Travel Method                         Point B

Body Builders                               Side Shuffle                            Body Builders

WWII Sit Ups                              Bear Crawl                              WWII Sit Ups

Squats                                           Low Shuffle                              Squats

Burpees                                         Bernie Sanders                       Burpees

V-Ups                                            Walking Lunge                        V-Ups

Sumo Squats                                Side Shuffle                             Sumo Squats

Repeat the entire sequence twice.

Then we went to the stairs and stayed with the seven rep theme.

At the bottom of the stairs:  Ranger Merkins

Halfway up:  Squats

Top of the stairs:  American Hammers

Completed the sequence seven times.

Returned to the spot, took a lap, then we did a version of Mary where each of the pax called an exercise and we did 3 reps each.  I don’t remember all of the exercises, but:

DDoS kicked it off with Absolutions…

It was at this exact moment when I heard Morgan Freeman’s voice in my head say, “that’s when he knew, he f***** up”.

Sirmixalot called burpees

Everybody made us do something fun to make ourselves stronger



Announcements:  Rome Ruck 7/22

Acceleration Point:  I forgot in the moment, and no one called me on it, but here is one, it is harder to start again than it is to keep going.  If you eat healthy, keep eating healthy.  If you exercise regularly, keep doing so.  Don’t turn a cheat treat into a whole cheat day, week, month.  Don’t let a missed BD or two turn into a year without meeting you brother in the gloom to do hard things.

Prayers for the PAX, spoken and unspoken.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All right gents, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  As men we are terrible at it.  Work on it.

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