Lucky 7s

AO: Boneyard

When: 07/07/2023

QIC: Feathers

PAX (9): Boomer, Darkside, FannyPack, Mater, PuffDaddy, Reboot, Tightrope, Blue Light


The dice came up double 7s today, so a 7 themed beatdown seemed appropriate.


Standard disclaimers, and a short mosey followed by SSH, Weedpickers, Windmills, Moroccan Nightclubs, and Copperhead Squats.

The Thang:

Since we have a gambling theme going, a buy-in seemed appropriate.  Table stakes were established as a Jacob’s Ladder:

Sprint to top of short but steep hill, perform 1 Diamond David Lee Roth JUMPee (Burpee, but with a Diamond merkin at the bottom and a David Lee Roth style “Jump” scissor kick at the top), return to the bottom of the hill.  R&R with DDLRJs escalating up to, you guessed it, 7.

Sufficiently sweaty and sucking wind, the PAX mosed to the LAX field for a 7 of Diamonds routine:

PAX run the perimeter of the field, stopping at each corner to perform the requisite exercises.  Each lap consists of the same exercise and rep count at each corner.

First Lap – 7 Bonnie Blairs, alpha style

Lap 2 – 14 Mixed Merkins (you pick ’em)

Lap 3 – 21 Big Boys

Lap 4 – 28 Gorilla Humpers (Money Humpers, but with feet wider than shoulder width)

Lap 5 – 21 American Hammers, Alpha style

Lap 6 – 14 Mixed Merkins

Lap 7 – Jackees (Burpees with a SSH at the top)

We didn’t have time to cash out (Sorry fellas, I was looking forward to the Bear Crawl races), but we did a couple minutes of Mary to wrap up.



Prayers up for Floater and his family, for Morphine’s injury that has sidelined him as well as his upcoming move, and for FannyPack’s career decisions.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, a true pleasure to lead.  Please remember to reach out to the guys you haven’t seen in a while.

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