Climb the Ladder

AO: Badapple

When: 07/07/2023

QIC: Ollie

PAX (13): Avis, Chalupa, Dfib, Dosido, goat, Goose, Ollie, Spider, Sprocket, Tank, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Thud


Pulled out an old Atlas workout for this one.


Quick warmup:

  • Michael Phelps
  • 12x Weed Pickers
  • 12x Hillbillies
  • 12x Copperhead Squats

The Thang:

Ladder workout – starting at 1 rep, complete the following exercises with cinderblock:

  1. Row
  2. Curl
  3. Squat
  4. Lunge (each leg)
  5. Good Morning
  6. Overhead Press
  7. Skull Crusher

Upon completion of round, add a rep (so 2 reps of all exercises, 3 reps, etc) until reaching 15 reps.  Then descend the latter (14 reps, 13 reps, etc).

At 6:00 am regardless of where they were on the ladder, PAX started to descend the ladder until time was called at 6:15.


Glad to see Goose back out here.  Prayers for his wife and general prayers for the group and thanks for the opportunity to be out there together.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Glad to be back after lots of travel.

If you are looking for a challenge, may I recommend the Broken Arrow Skyrace:

If interested, let me know.

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