Channeling my inner Ernest Hemingway

AO: Gladiator

When: 07/04/2023

QIC: Bo Knows

PAX (9): Bo Knows, Cheneral, Darkside, Macbeth, Mater, RaspberryPi, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel


Somehow YHC was able to access Wifi on my flight to Cameroon and write this terrific back blast.  It’s in the form of a short story since everyone knows how creative and left-brained I am.  Hope you enjoy it.


We did a warm-up.

The Thang:

In the beautiful country of Cameroon, there lived a man named Bo Knows. Bo Knows had a passion for fitness and believed in the transformative power of exercise. He dedicated his life to helping others achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives.

Early one morning, Bo Knows gathered a group of men from his community who were eager to improve their fitness levels. They met in a lush park, surrounded by the symphony of nature’s sounds and the invigorating scent of blooming flowers. Bo Knows had devised an exercise routine called BLIMPS, which stood for Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plankjacks, and Squats.

Among the eager participants were Mater, a friendly and hardworking farmer with brawny arms and a jovial demeanor; Speedo, a young and enthusiastic runner with dreams of becoming a professional athlete; Tarheel, a passionate basketball player known for his unwavering determination; Cheneral, a graceful dancer seeking to strengthen his body; Darkside, a mysterious artist who found solace in physical movement; Macbeth, an aspiring actor yearning to build his endurance; RaspberryPi, a tech-savvy individual seeking a way to balance sedentary work with physical activity, and Stroller, an elderly gentleman determined to regain his youthful agility.

Under the shade of a towering baobab tree, Bo Knows led the group through a series of challenging exercises. The participants cheered each other on, motivated by their shared desire to improve. Mater’s muscles strained as he pushed himself through the burpees, motivated by the thought of a bountiful harvest. Speedo’s legs burned as he lunged forward, imagining himself crossing the finish line of a prestigious race. Tarheel’s determination never wavered as he powered through the squats, picturing himself shooting the winning basket.

Cheneral’s body moved with grace and precision, his dance background adding an element of elegance to his squats. Darkside expressed his inner emotions through his exercises, his movements a captivating performance. Macbeth channeled his passion for acting into his workout, envisioning the stage and the roles he aspired to play. RaspberryPi embraced the physical challenge, finding balance between his love for technology and his need for physical activity. And Stroller, defying the constraints of age, moved with determination and strength, his joints becoming more fluid with each repetition.

As the minutes passed, the BLIMPS routine became a cherished part of their lives. Bo Knows watched with pride as the participants not only transformed their physical appearances but also discovered newfound confidence and resilience. Laughter filled the air as they encouraged one another, forming a close-knit community that supported each other’s journeys towards better health.

News of Bo Knows and his remarkable exercise routine spread throughout Cameroon like wildfire. People from all walks of life, inspired by the stories of transformation, flocked to join the BLIMPS sessions. Bo Knows’ reputation as a fitness guru grew, and he became a symbol of hope and inspiration for many.

With time, the fame of Bo Knows and his BLIMPS routine extended far beyond the borders of Cameroon. The world began to recognize his dedication and the positive impact he had on countless lives. Bo Knows’ name became synonymous with fitness and his exercise routine gained international recognition.

And so, the story of Bo Knows and his BLIMPS exercise became a legendary tale, reminding people everywhere that with determination, support, and the guidance of a passionate leader, they could achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Thanks for indulging my inner Ernest Hemingway.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

See you guys when I return.

— Bo Knows (or someone representing him)

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