Board(s) of Pain

AO: Academy

When: 06/27/2023

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (2): lumbergh


Apologies for being a tardy on this one. Work, then 4th of July festivities, got me distracted.  But better late than never, especially for a brutal BD such as this one.


A short loop around Innovation Academy to the Rock Pile.

The Thang:

Board(s) of Pain

What’s better than one Board of Pain? Two Boards of Pain! Starting at the Rock Pile, our first board suggested 100 SSH. This was followed by a 1 1/2 loop around the track, which conveniently left us next to the stadium stairs! And as you may have guessed, this is where our second board provided additional instructions to do a Mucho Chesto, 20 reps for each kind of Mercan.  Between each 20 rep set, up and down the stadium stairs.  Once complete, a 200m mosey back to the Rock Pile, for a total of 800m running per set.

That was set one.

The rest of the rounds went as follows:

2. Rock Pile – 50 Curls-50 Skull Crushers / Stadium – 100 Thigh Slappers (Snake through the stadium afterwards)

3. Rock Pile – 25 Goblet Squats-25 Thusters-25 Man-Makers/ Stadium – 75 Freddie Mercuries- 75 Flutters (then snake the stadium)

4. Rock Pile- 100 American Hammers/ 100 Dips (then snake the stadium)

We got one more round of 100 American Hammers in, then we were out of time.

Musical accompaniment was Weezer inspired as Lumbergh was the first (and only one) to HC.


Always a pleasure to lead!

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