AO: Widowmaker

When: 07/01/2023

QIC: DeLorean

PAX (15): Deep dish, defcon2, Funyun, Knight Rider, Mater, Speedo, Tenderfoot, TMI, TURK, Zohan, Groupon, Scrappy, Slash, Veggie


Beautiful Saturday… don’t get run over by baseball Moms


Long warm up:

  • long loop run around the trail between parking lot and the widowmaker and back to the upper parking lot (I heard .7 miles form someone with a watch??)
  • SSH
  • WPs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • arm circles

The Thang:


(10) 100 yard sprints

90 squats

80 Mercans

70 Freddie Mercury (Alpha)

60 Mountain climbers (alpha)

(5) “50yrd” Laps: Bernie, Bear crawl, Bernie, Sprint

40 Burpees

30 Flutter Kicks (alpha)

20 Bobby Hurley

10 (SURPRISE) long run to the bottom of Widowmaker OR stairs for 10 min


Thankful for the day and this crew.  Big weekend/week of 4th of July activities ahead.

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