Happy Birthday USA!

AO: Boneyard

When: 07/03/2023

QIC: Speedo

PAX (8): Darkside, Dinghy, Floater, Mater, Reboot, Speedo, Stroller, Trebek


The humidity was on the higher side this morning and with the looming Independence Day holiday YHC was curious how many would show up, especially given the low HC count.  Boneheads never cease to amaze me as we had a nice crowd rolling in as 5:30 approached.  Disclaimer given along with a brief preview of the morning and we were off.


Mosey a bit until we arrived at where the flag would normally be planted (closed off due to holiday event at the park later today) for:

  • Hillbillies x12 IC
  • Copperhead squats x12 IC
  • Weedpickers x12 IC
  • Hangovers OYO
  • SSH x12 IC

The Thang:

Mosey back to the pavilion near the large field where YHC explained the theme was American Independence but from the perspective of 1976 when the USA turned 200 years old.  I lived in Columbia, South Carolina at the time and vividly remember the excitement and fun that this historic time provided.  YHC found it difficult to get sleepy pax that enthused so we just exercised instead.  Each exercise was either 100 reps or 76 reps and had a trivia topic associated with each.

Here’s the list and snippet of the trivia.  We actually almost finished but if you repeat this one you’d be better off with an hour.

76 Rocky Balboas Top movie was Rocky
100 Dips Viking 1 mission to Mars
76 merkins 39th president was elected – Jimmy Carter
100 Freddies Queen started in 1970
76 squats Family Feud – Richard Dawson
100 mountain climbers MASH – started in ’72 ended in ’83
76 calf raises Bell bottoms
100 second plank “flat” bottomed girls –  Queen 1978
76 V-ups $.59 cent gas
100 LBCs Concorde first flight
76 Carolina dry docks Research Triangle was created
100 ankle taps Bee Gees
76 yd apple turnover Apple was started
100 SSH Farah Fawcett
76 star jumps Montreal Olympics  – 21st
100 yd run Six million dollar man
76 J-Los Bo Derek
100 Shoulder taps Disco
76 Lunges Soul Train
100 Air presses Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days
16 burpees

Total reps = 1776


Prayers for safe travels for Mater’s family coming back from Hong Kong

Prayers for Floater and his family as they prepare to lay his father to rest

Thanks given for strong/able bodies to get out and sweat and for the fellowship of the F3 brothers.

F3/FiA/2.0 convergence on 8/5 at Brooke Street Park

ReadyMix Quad Aug 11-12

Darth Visor CSAUP Aug 26 at Big Creek

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As I assembled the collage of photos in the image on this BB and did some web queries, I was reminded of how much stuff happens each year.  1976 was a tumultuous year in a lot of ways but when you see that Queen and Stevie Wonder topped the charts, Happy Days and MASH were on TV, Farah Fawcett and Bo Derek had our attention, and Apple Computer was started that year, it’s a reminder to look all around you to see what is happening.  Don’t simply rely on what those in the media want you to know.
I encouraged the men there this morning to be thankful for the liberties we have and to look for good things around us, rather than getting caught/hung up in the negative stuff.  Easier said than done of course but give it a try.  You might see some new and interesting things.
–Speedo out

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