Snowman 3’s

AO: Big Creek

When: 06/28/2023

QIC: Snowman

PAX (27): Bagel, Baskins, Better Call Saul, Bill Dance, Corn Dog, Deuce (Jay Mooney), DirtyMO, Hail Mary, Hushpuppy, Inseam, Longshanks, Mantooth, Napalm, Olaf, Package, Schneider, Shag, Snake, Snowman, Spit Valve, Striker (Brendan Day), Swiper, Tsunami, Vanna, Whiz, Zohan, Omaha


Momentous day for me, I am honored to have the opportunity to lead these men. Today marks 3 years of sobriety and also the day that change my life forever, the death of my brother, Brian Dotson. I believe each of you would have loved Brian if you ever got the chance to meet.


Showed up at my normal 4:30ish to prepare for my 4:46 pre pre run. On this morning, several PAX made the commitment to join and support me. Amazing stuff even before the BD started. As we rounded the corner heading back to the flag, there was a sea of PAX waiting to start the BD. I am so blessed to be apart of this group.


Mosey down to the normal spot to warm up, realized that it was difficult to fit all 27 PAX. I ran the warm from the middle of the group.

13 – Good Mornings

13 – Copperhead Sqauts

13 – Mountain Man Poopers

13- SSH

The Thang:

Mosey up to the soccer fields to create a little “Strava Art”, unfortunately the first field we came upon was being replaced. Lucky for us Big Creek has several fields and made our way over to the lower field.

The idea was to make a number 3 on the field, in order to do this we needed everyone to stay in a tight line behind me. Well I must have said follow me 100 times this morning. At each point of the number 3 we would do a sets of 33, except on the outer points those would be 11, 3 of those would add up to 33. Here we go:

11 – Burpees – mosey to the next corner

33 – Boby Hurley’s – mosey to the 50 yard line(Found out later that we did not make it to the 50)

33 – Big Boy Sit-ups – mosey to the other sideline

11 – Body Builder Burpees – Mosey back to the other sideline

33 – LBC’s – Mosey down to the other corner

33 – Jump Squats – Mosey to the other sideline

11 – LL Cool J Burpees – Mosey back to the corner (I had to switch gears thanks to Inseam, needed to retrace if the Strava Art was going to work)

11 – Merkins – Mosey down the sideline to the corner

11 – Carolina Dry Docks – Mosey to the point where we started

11 – Burpees


Thought this would eat up most of the time but it did not. Mosey to the place were we warmed up and grabbed a partner, one partner pick a coupon from the pile and we did a quick Dora using the number 33. Other partner would run up the hill to the light and back

33 – Curls

33 – Rows

33 – Skull Crushers

We did 2 rounds

Headed back to the flag by way of the Indian run. Made it back with 5 minutes to spare so we did mary, I chose the PAX to call out the cadence.



Outstanding way to start a day that will be filled with a sense of accomplishment coupled with sadness. You men of F3 Alpha and Cumming saved my life, kept me sober, and when I struggled you were there to pick me up and hold me accountable. Thank you.

Prayers for our brother Benny and his family. To all those men struggling with losing a loved one. Thank you Hushpuppy for having my back on the prayer. Not sure I would have been able to finish.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

I truly believe every man needs this group, let’s go out and find the Sad Clowns and bring them into the fold. Thank you gentlemen! On to my 3 year anniversary tomorrow.

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