Be better and Ruck On!

AO: Starting Line

When: 06/28/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (4): Janeway, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot


Pre-Ruck worked out to be Janeway and myself and it was a good pace with great conversation about what can be done to help the F3Alpha Dawson subregion grow, so I encouraged Janeway to lean into his strengths and lets work on getting men current PAX and future FNGs to step up and lead in roles tied to the Dawson subregion.
Once we got back SirMixalot was there ready to go with Seaman rolling up right at 530 so the fun could begin.


Warm up we don’t need no stinking warm up

The Thang:

This was a simple but not easy ruck
Ruck for a bit then do a pain station
Pain Station was 25 merkins, 25 BBSUs. 25 Squats, then 25 SSHs
And that was the plan ruck for a bit, find a good place to stop and repeat
25 merkins, 25 BBSUs. 25 Squats, then 25 SSHs
We managed to get in 6 stops with one of the six done at the assisted living location so….
We had to modify that stop by doing 25 monkey humpers instead of 25 SSHs, this was done due to the fact that Seaman’s Saturday BD did not include monkey humpers so it needed to be done.
Once we got back to the flag we had to end it with 5 burpees, okay not very many but any Q I lead has to include at least some Burpees.

The conversation was good and it even led to the Acceleration point for the morning


Rome Ruck July 22
Changes in Subregion leadership roles

Prayer Request
Good test results for Seaman’s health test @ his 2.0s driving test
Prayers for my dad/recovery from surgery
For all the PAX and family that is traveling

Acceleration Point
Seaman mentioned that we should work on being better, not just for ourselves but the people around us, that lead to several references and quotes tied to Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure, which was nice, Also SirMixalot was wearing a shirt stating be 1% better, each day.

End with Pray and on to coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great coffee and conversation
And it was a very pleasant surprise to have Seaman there since he was not counted as an HC.
Thanks for the HIM that continue to help me and the men around them to get a bit better.
Time to get out and use what we learned in the gloom to help the people we come in contact improve and work on becoming better men for our Ms and 2.0s

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