ABC’s easy as 1 2 3

AO: The Bound

When: 06/28/2023

QIC: Scampi

PAX (7): Ha-ha, Red Ryder (D Mack), Scampi, Lasso, Little Foot, Training Wheels, FNG (Divot)


It was too good to be true for YHC! An open spot during Scampi’s birthday week. The best gift is to give it away. I showed up at 4:46 to honor Snowman’s 3 year sober. I looped around at 5 to find lasso and little foot to join me in the pre run. After we accepted it was going to be a small crowd, we got started.


We started our mosey to the parking lot across the street while doing some butt kickers and high knees.

then 10 each of: weed pickers, breakdance merkins and Bobby Hurleys. Then we did 21’s of Side Straddle Hops but a little movement after the last rep gave everyone a punishment of 3 burpees. 

The Thang:

round 1 (running to end of parking lot and back between exercises)
5 Angle Grinders

10 Bonnie Blair’s

15 Captain Thors

20 Squats

*plank for the six

round 2 (adding a burpee to a angle grinders, a clap to captain Thors and a jump to the squats. Also crab walk halfway then job back for first exercise. Bear crawl halfway then jog back after second exercise. Walking lunge halfway then jog back after third exercise. High skips halfway then jog back for the fourth exercise.

*plank, shoulder taps, Merkins, etc for the six

round 3 (team of 3 with a 0 added to the reps for 50, 100, 150, 200)

2 pax start to run while 1 is working through exercise (1 pax AYG, 1 pax jog) collectively hit totals and move on to next exercise.

we started to run out of time so we headed back to campus with a Bataan Death March  with Pax in the back doing 3 burpees then running to the front and tapping on the shoulder of the next pax to begin.

we got back to say hey to Mary for some Superman by red Ryder, Freddy mercury by training wheels, and dying cockroach by HaHa.


We were able to name the FNG divot. He has been at the bound for almost a month. Prayers for training wheels wife and son for a clean bill of health. Praise for HaHa’s MIL recovering and doing much better. She is a very active 84 years old and doing well!

continued prayers for the men at NLB and the journey they are on.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor to break the VQ at the place that Jesus saved my life as a resident in 2014, intern in 2015 and staff member for 3 years. 

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