The Common Theme is…49

AO: Badapple

When: 06/23/2023

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (6): goat, Ollie, Spider, Sprocket, Thud


Another trip around the sun and climbing in years makes the exercise reps a little higher and a little harder.  Plan was to include cinders into the mix but the PAX took this Friday off and a shortage allowed for some much needed modification.  Beautiful weather for a BD.


49 Hillbillies

49 SSH


49 LBCs

Michael Phelps

Around the world(?) Merkins:  All PAX in plank while one does 4 merkins – 9 rounds…

The Thang:

Now that we actually got a true warmup, mosey to the bottom of Zima’s Hill for the real work to begin.

Perform the following exercises at bottom of hill.

4 alligator merkins and 9 broad jumps up the hill. Sprint the remainder and jog back to the bottom.

49 squats

49 dips on coupon

49 Floyd Mayweathers

49 Pike Pushups

49 Bonnie Blairs

49 American Hammers

49 Bobby Hurleys

49 BBSU/Vups

49 Diamond Merkins

Total sweat fest…


Prayers for our F3 brothers facing adversity.  Prayers for our men and community.  Praise to God for all things.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure and privilege to lead these men.   Special shout out to Sprocket for bringing coffee and donuts and for dropping a respect jab in the name-a-rama.  Not only is he a beast in the BDs, he’s a leading representation of the goodness of F3.

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