Just move the damn tire

AO: Jericho

When: 06/23/2023

QIC: Napalm

PAX (8): Better Call Saul, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Hushpuppy, Mantooth, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Pinkman, Schneider


We don’t do enough tire work, in my opinion, so let’s see if we can remedy that.


We focused on movements that work the core and involve proper alignment of the hips, shoulders and back, because “the thang” was going to present a good number of opportunities for lower back strain.

Mountain man poopers

Butthole surfers


Weed pickers

The Thang:

On a football field, we split our eight PAX into two foursomes.  One foursome took turns flipping an MTVR tire from one goal line to the other.  In case your not sure what an MTVR is or what it’s tire looks like, check out this link https://oshkoshdefense.com/vehicles/medium-tactical-vehicles/mtvr/ the other foursome would run to the far goal line then swap places with the tire flipping foursome when they encountered them.  Thus each run was a bit shorter.

The golden nugget was that every time the tire advanced 20 yards, all PAX owed five burpees.

Once we reached the far goal line, we turned around and went back to where we started.

Once we got back to where we started, we did it again, but this time, when the tire advanced 20 yards all PAX owed five wolverines.


As we are all in, or quickly approaching, middle age, many of us have aging parents.  One of our PAX who couldn’t be there today is experiencing that right now, so we prayed for him.  We also prayed for all those who suffer physically or emotionally, whether they vocalize that or not.

We thanked The Lord for the ability to meet one another in the pre-dawn gloom and sweat together.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was my two year anniversary of F3.  I learned F3 when I read about it in an emagazine called Front Porch Republic https://www.frontporchrepublic.com/. After I read about it I went to the website and found the locations nearest where I live.  It has been a great two years.  I had always worked out with brothers while I was in the Marine Corps, but since leaving active service and moving here in 2019, I had been working out on my own, which is sub-optimal.

In the two years I’ve been doing this, I’ve made some great friends who have conspired to make me a better man: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I’m not sure how many years I’ve got left. Nobody does, but I look forward to posting as long as I’m physically able.

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