AO: The Hooch

When: 06/21/2023

QIC: Feathers

PAX (23): BallBoy, Boomer, Dinghy, Flo, HIPAA, HotSauce, Humperdinck, Maguire, McCracken, Meatball, Piggy, Pigtails, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter (Matt Rowand), Scrooge, Spackle, Wolverine, Zima, Utah, Tater Tot, Half Dozen, Ironhide


This was my first Q at the Hooch in at least 3 months, due to some time on IR/modified schedule.  It felt great to be back in the saddle.


Mosey, SSH, Weedpickers, Abe Vigodas, Moroccan Nightclubs, Copperhead Squats.

The Thang:

Po*Ke*No was a popular cocktail party game in the ’70s.  A bastard lovechild of Poker and Bingo, it was fun to play while wearing a brown leisure suite and lounging on a brown sectional in a sunken living room smoking unfiltered Pall Malls and downing Harvey Wallbangers.  If you’ve never heard of it, ask your parents.

Setup is a whiteboard with a matrix featuring card suits as column headers and card values and corresponding rep counts as labels.

Diamonds                 Clubs                      Spades                    Hearts

A=1             Lap                                Shuttle run               Lap                              Sprint

K=100        SSH                               Flutter Kick              Rosalita                     Air Press

Q=50         Squat                             LBC                            Monkey Humper     Shoulder Tap

J=5            Yowzer                           Absolution               Wolverine                  Burpee Broad Jump

6-10=10   Burpee                            T Bomb                     Crab Cake                  Bobby Hurley

2-5=25     Big Boy                           Mercan                      Coupon Curl            Dying Cockroach

Random PAX pick a card from a standard deck.  Whatever is pulled determines the exercise.

Whenever we completed either 4 across or diagonal, we performed a BINGO (5 each of Burpees, Imperial Walkers, No Surrenders, Groiners, Overhead presses with coupon) – We managed to do this two times.  We skipped some repeats, and with less 10 min remaining YHC started randomly assigning the exercises to ensure we completed most of the board.  Ultimately we performed everything but the Burpee Broad Jumps, SSH, and one of the Laps, and did the Big Boys, Mercans, and Curls twice each.


Cards Playlist: https://music.amazon.com/user-playlists/0092a3b007bb461daf476eb0052f07d0sune?ref=dm_sh_alWPB7BVVFkguXvR29Qfe3BR3




Prayers for Maguire’s 2.0 in Costa Rica, my M and 2.0 in Guatemala.  Praises for Boomer’s 20th. Good reports from the annual brew ruck.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead this group, especially after a layoff. Numbers are getting swole, may be time to start another AO?



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