Rubicon-Ball….requires stretching!!

AO: Rubicon

When: 06/20/2023

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (8): Avis, Boss Baby, COBOL, Dosido, Lil Hurt, lumbergh, Pinkey


Well, a third Q in 7 days sometimes requires not only some imagination, but also a little more fun than usual. YHC was scrambling to get out of the house this am as he knew today required a little bit of set up time.


Coming in hot to the Rubicon parking lot saw 7 other pax anxiously waiting and as 5:30 am hit, proper disclaimer was given and straight to the warm-up we went.


Mosey around front of pool back to the big flag where we circled up.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, Salute Planks, Arm Circles, Covids and Frankensteins got (almost) everyone as loose as they could be for the impending game that was about to go down.

The Thang:


(See photo for detailed explanation)



  • Team 1 (Lil Hurt, Dosido, Avis, Cobol) outscored Team 2 (Lumbergh, Boss Baby, Pinkey, N0-See-Um) approx. 25-2…..although the score on the board may be a little more accurate.


  • YHC, who has been known to be an all-star kick-baller, was in the 2 hole for the home team. That is until one of Team 1’s snipers caught him on his first sprint to 1st base right in the back of the left leg…..down YHC fell like a wounded soldier. Hammy is done for a good bit…but the game must go on.


  • Even outnumbered 4 players to 3, Team 2 fought valiantly……I mean, who we kidding. It was a blood bath.


  • Lumbergh did steal 1st Base early in the game…only to be tagged out at home when he ‘just kept running’.


  • Cobol and Dosido with several SportCenter worthy catches.


  • The only fight that could be seen from Team 2 was when Lumbergh broke up an attempted out by Dosido as he “simply made his way back to 1st base” (no harm, no foul!).


Game was called at the 6:12 am mark so that YHC would have time to hobble back to the flag where the rest of the pax cranked out some Mary!



  • Prayers for Sprocket’s great niece Penny and family.
  • Prayers for YHC’s 2.0 (son)…teenage years are tough on the parents and thankful for the men of F3 I can lean on.
  • Q sheet starting to fill up at Rubicon for the summer thanks to the push by Avis. Look for a VQ by Boss Baby at Academy coming soon!
  • Prayers for some pax traveling at end of the week (Pinkey/NSU)

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Well, today didn’t go quite as well as YHC had planned but a fun beatdown for the 7 pax that actually got to take part in Rubicon-Ball! Despite the hammy feeling pretty dang bad as I type this late into the evening, you all know I’ll be back for sure….and probably sooner than you think with some major modifications.

One thing that did happen today was being able to let out some frustrations/concerns during COT that’s been on YHC’s heart for a week or so. Without F3, not sure how I would have been able to make it through some of the things we deal with as parents. Thankful for the pax’s ears this am and the words of encouragement. We all have different things we deal with on a daily basis and sometimes it just feels good to let it out.

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