Mini Super Noodle

AO: Bushwood

When: 06/16/2023

QIC: Popper

PAX (6): BallBoy, Maguire, McCracken, Saint2O, Mia Hamm


YHC was warned by Flo at the Thursday night Medlock Bridge Barracudas swim meet that Flo may have to retract his next-day Bushwood Q commitment to remain home with his ailing M. This gave YHC some time to brainstorm a game plan, which a 5:50am text from Flo confirmed would indeed be needed. Such is the nature of F3 – practice combined with preparation makes execution on short notice no biggie.


Two pre-runners did a shortened mosey loop before the beatdown. Six PAX assembled in the gloom just before 6am, including Bushwood newcomers McCracken and his 2.0 Mia Hamm.

YHC gave the disclaimer and the PAX took a mosey up the hill and back, with High Knees, Butt Kickers, and Side-to-Side facing each way.

Conclude the mosey at the basketball court, where the PAX continued warming up with SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Weed Picker, Cow Milkers, and Michael Phelps, accompanied by YHC’s favorite hip hop playlist for mood music.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Mini-Murph

The Land portion of the morning was a mini-Murph at the playground.

  • 50 Pull-ups
  • 100 Merkins
  • 150 Squats

PAX were instructed to modify as necessary and encouraged to follow the best practice of breaking the reps into small sets. Once finished, the PAX took a short mosey back up the hill and back, before heading to the pool.

Thang 2: Super 21’s

As YHC imagined the PAX thinking they had not gotten enough merkins and squats already, the next thang was Super 21’s, pool edition. Starting at the near side of the pool, PAX would do 21 apiece of the following:

  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Squats

Then swim to the opposite end with stroke of PAXs’ choice, and conduct 18 apiece of the three exercises there. Rinse and repeat, reducing reps by 3 after each lap, until there were no reps remaining.

Thang 3: Noodle Tag

From time to time, YHC is struck by creative inspiration and debuts a new idea into a beatdown. Today’s creative spark was called Noodle Tag. The rules are as follows:

  • One PAX has a foam pool noodle, representing a predatory appendage with which to hunt down and tag the other PAX.
    • This noodle-carrying PAX is allowed to touch the bottom of the pool with his/her feet.
    • When he tags someone, there are no tag-backs by the tagged party.
  • All other PAX are not allowed to touch the bottom with their feet.
    • They must continually swim, tread water, float, or whatever else a PAX might do in the pool when touching the bottom is not allowed.
    • It turned out to be quite a relief to be tagged, because then you could touch the bottom and get some rest from treading water.

The PAX played Noodle Tag for the final 10 minutes of the beatdown, and it was a certifiable blast. YHC received rave reviews on the fun level and workout quality of the game. Noodle tag shall return when YHC Q’s again at Bushwood!


Brew Ruck 6/17. YHC will post the deets on Slack one more time.

Doublegate Food Truck & Animal music block party 6/23. Humperdinck is the planner. Deets on Slack.

Prayed for Flo’s M’s patience, strength, and recovery from a bout of celiac-related painful stomach problems she is trying to get through. Prayed for traveling mercies for PAX and family members on the road this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Q-ing on short notice is fun and exciting. While you never really know beforehand how a beatdown will turn out, the time crunch to plan elevates the risk level to exciting heights. This morning was no different. Thanks to the PAX for allowing YHC to lead. Welcome to our Bushwood newcomers. See you at the Brew Ruck, hopefully.

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