I wanted to do something nice. ish.

AO: Boneyard

When: 06/16/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (8): Candy Crush, Darkside, Feathers, HomeAlone, Irene, Mounty, Reboot, Zohan


Only a couple of HCs on Slack, YHC thought the Boneyard would be lightly attended. While Home Alone and I were the first to come, more cars rolled it and, not counting our esteemed Nantan who brought the flag but chose to go fishing at the Country Club [a.k.a Windjammer], 8 total made a decent number for the Boneyard!


Disclaimer was given. Music was played. Mosey was initiated.

Circled up under the roundabout for SSH, Hillbillies, Weed Pickers, Copper Head Squats and Moroccan Night Clubs.

The Thang:

Round and Round

We circled around the roundabout, alternating movements and exercises along the way. We started with Bear Crawls and stopped for Merkins. Then Crab walked and stopped for LBCs. Duck Walk and Lunges. YHC cannot remember the exact sequence. Additional movements included Carioca (once left and once right), Crawl Bears and Broad Jumps. Additional exercises included Shoulder Taps, Burpees and Bonnie Blairs.



Short mosey to the parking lot above the roundabout. YHC pointed to the 4 corners of the parking lot and the 2 mid-points of the long ends and declared 6 corners.

In each corner we’ll do the same 3 exercises – 6 Wolverines, 6 Dying Cockroaches (alpha) and 6 Bonnie Blairs (alpha). We don’t run straight from corner to corner, however. you run a full loop and then to the next corner.

That took longer than I expected and was suckier as well.


Partner Workout turned OYO

The next bit was supposed to be a partner workout but we didn’t have time for that. I also planned to do it on my last Q and did not have time for it. I wanted to do it anyway so modified.

Demonstrated Monkey Squats (quick shift from Squat to Plank and back) and Bulgarian Ball Busters (backward lunge ending with a kick as you bring your knee back). OYO 5 Monkey Squats, 5 Bulgarian Ball Busters and 5 Gas Pumpers. Then 10 of each.

Mosey back to the flag, we arrived about a minute late.


Feathers – M and 2.0 flying for a mission trip. First time for his daughter to be out of the country without him.

Mounty – 2.0 traveling to Dallas for a competition.

Irene – daughter dealing with hearing loss.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate the opportunity to lead. Love this group!!

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