The Bruisers and The Bruised

AO: Starting Line

When: 06/14/2023

QIC: Janeway

PAX (5): Better Call Saul, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot


Seaman shared recently re: a DR (Des Moines, IA) AO where they offered a “Bruiser Friendly BD” for those PAX who are on the DL or IR yet still wanted to post and better themselves.  YHC decided to run with this concept for my first Q in a while since… I am that bruised PAX.


YHC surprised Script Kiddie by showing up for PR, but that’s what you do when you wake up at 0330.  We enjoyed a fast-pasted ruck and swapped stories about his DR posted in KY and the glories of Buc-ees.

All other PAX arrived on time, a hearty welcome was given, along with simple instruction for the BD: all called exercises are OYO AMWAP.  This framework allowed those PAX feeling amped and jacked to show off and those PAX in partial misery to do all they can do with no shame or distraction to the group.

The Thang:

This was a full-body BD at the Pavilion with some fast moseying for cardio between the sets (always ran in a line and doubled back to pick up the six and head back to the Pavilion, not in a loop where the six might be left behind).


3:30 Mosey
1:45 Heavy Sun Gods (5-20 lb hand dumbbells were provided, one in each hand, for “Heavys”)
1:45 Heavy Chinooks
2:00 Prisoner Squats
3:00 Bulgarian Squats (one legged squat w/ other foot on bench seat); flap jack @ 1:30
3:00 LBCs


2:00 Mosey
2:00 Incline Merkins
2:00 Decline Merkins
2:30 Alternating Reverse Lunges
2:30 Alternating El Capitans
4:00 BBSUs


3:00 Mosey
2:00 Heavy Curls
2:00 Heavy Albatross
2:15 No Surrenders
2:15 Monkey Humper Ring of Fire
0:10 Rest
0:30 High Plank
0:30 Superman
0:10 Rest
0:30 Mid Plank
0:30 Superman
0:10 Rest
0:30 Low Plank
0:30 Superman


Prayed for maladies, soundness of mind, and that Sky-Q would be our primary strength through our mortal and wounded bodies, then enjoyed some fine KY Joe with thanks to Script Kiddie.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC has posted more the past two weeks than in recent months; tho it has been taxing I’ve left the BDs generally feeling better.  Grateful.  Today’s playlist:

Flood – Jars of Clay
Find Me in These Fields Alone – Phil Keaggy
In the Light of Common Day – Phil Keaggy
County Down – Phil Keaggy
Train Wreck in G Major – Houston Jones
In the Heat of the Night – Houston Jones
Take Me to the River – Houston Jones
Tabernacle – Mid South Boys
When We All Get to Heaven – Brad Paisley
The Survivor – Phil Keaggy

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