5 Years F3 Anniversary

AO: Big Creek

When: 06/14/2023

QIC: Dumpster

PAX (16): Baskins, Benny, Bill Dance, DirtyMO, Dumpster, déjà vu, Hollywood, Hushpuppy, Inseam, Schneider, Snake, Snowman, Soul Glo, Spit Valve, Swiper, Whiz


YHC celebrating 5 years with his F3 Brothers.


Mossy down to the coupon pile for a MEDIUM coupon.  Then headed up the hill with coupon.  Already some mumblechatter on how after 5 years did YHC forget the Warm-o-Rama.  Nope, was done at the top of the hill.  Soul Glo was of course late so did 2 laps up the hill.

  • elf on shelf
  • weed pickers
  • copperhead squats
  • good mornings

The Thang:

Mossy down to top field – Quarter Pounder with Cheese – Coupon Style.  Run with Coupon whole time.  5 burpee with coupon deposit each time back at goal line.

  • 25 merkins
  • 50 coupon squats
  • 75 curls
  • 100 leg raises coupon overhead

Mossy down to next field – Ring of Fire – Bear Crawl addition

SSH silent count – YHC called count, if messed up cadence count, 5 burpees with coupon.  PAX were not good at this game


5 years ago I made a decision I needed life changes.  I found F3, which without these men I don’t think I’d be here today for my family.  Thank you all!  Changed my life forever.

Britts in-laws health and struggles

Inseams brother in law

All traveling PAX to come home safe.

++ Fathers Day Family 5k at Fowler Park – Saturday at 9am

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