The Creature from Peachtree Corners

AO: Meathouse

When: 06/13/2023

QIC: Popper

PAX (5): Boomer, HIPAA, Sugar (Hooch - Gwinnett), Hackey Sack


YHC pre-blasted an intention to chair the Meathouse open market committee (MOMC) meeting in the gloom. The next Federal Reserve FOMC meeting is on Wednesday, in which the Creature from Jekyll Island will conspire to rig how much our fiat currency will cost to borrow for the next 6 weeks. In similar fashion, the PAX would suffer the Creature from Peachtree Corners’ vile corruption in the form of hikes, eases, and no-changes in the morning’s beatdown. Ruck and coupon required per usual.

YHC also was notified on the down-low by Sugar, formerly Alpha/Gwinnett PAX, now Port Charlotte FL PAX, would be joining us for a rare visit north from his new sunny south Florida environs.


Disclaimer. PAX warmed with SSH, WP, WM, Michael Phelps, and LBAC Fwd/Bwd. PAX held plank while YHC retrieved his phone from the truck and Hackey Sack retrieved a rock to serve as his coupon.

The Thang:

PAX coupon carried to the green, and YHC produced a weinke for each miserable peasant and a die for rolling.

The basic formula: Roll the die, do the specified # of reps of each exercise in the set, and finish with some mode of transportation around the green.

  • Rolls of 3 or 4 yield an average # of reps (no-change)
  • Rolls of 5 or 6 yield an increased # of reps (hike)
  • Rolls of 1 or 2 yield a reduced # of reps (ease).

The rounds were as follows:

MOMC Meeting 1. Roll the Die 2. Do the Specified # Reps of Each Exercise: 3. When Finished:
Round Zone Ease
(Roll 1-2)
No Change
(Roll 3-4)
(Roll 5-6)
1 Compound 4 reps apiece 5 reps apiece 6 reps apiece Blockees Squat Thrusters Kettlebell Swings Mike Tysons Clean & Press Bear Crawl around Half Green
(No Coupon)
2 Chest 5 reps apiece 10 reps apiece 15 reps apiece Cross-over Merkins
(Single count)
Overhead Press Derkins Glute Bridge Pullover Dips
(With Coupon)
Zamparini around Green
3 Legs 15 reps apiece 20 reps apiece 25 reps apiece Goblet Reverse Lunge
(Single Count)
Dead Lifts Hip Thrusts w/Coupon Goblet Squat Monkey Humpers Lunge Walk Around Green
(No Coupon)
4 Back 10 reps apiece 15 reps apiece 20 reps apiece Bent-Over Rows Superman Coupon Halos Dirty Handshake Upright Rows Mosey around Green
(No Coupon)
5 Abs / Arms 15 reps apiece 20 reps apiece 25 reps apiece Flutter Kicks
w/Coupon Overhead (Alpha)
Curls American Hammer
(Alpha, No Coupon)
Skull Crushers Peter Parker (Alpha) Mosey around Green
(No Coupon)

The PAX received no mercy from the Creature’s wrath, as their rolls resulted in no easing, but instead produced 2 hikes and 3 no-changes.

Coupon carry back to the starting point, finishing right on time with no additional time for Mary.


Brew Ruck is this Saturday, 6/17. Make sure a sizeable portion of your pack weight is drinking water.

HIPAA VQ at Hooch tomorrow 6/14 – don’t miss it!

Prayers for Josh Shirley’s battle with cancer, and for Sugar’s mission to plant F3 in Port Charlotte.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The PAX learned a thing or two about the banking cartel this morning and got a good workout in too. Much thanks for allowing YHC to lead – it always strengthens me more than it does those who follow.

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