Legs and Abs

AO: Badapple

When: 06/12/2023

QIC: goat

PAX (6): Chalupa, Dosido, Rusty, Sprocket, Tank


While QIC continues to rehab his shoulder, focusing on legs and abs seemed appropriate.


SSH, Hillbillies, Copperhead Squats, Weed pickers

The Thang:

PAX ran to adjacent parking lot to utilize a larger space with a loop.

PAX paired up. Performed an exercise. You and your partner would run in opposite directions, and when you meet up, You would perform another exercise.

First round 30 reps per exercise

1. Jump Squats

2. Box Cutters

3. Lunges

4. LBC (cadence count)

5. Bonnie Blairs (alpha count)

6. Flutter Kicks (cadence count)

7. Monkey Humpers

8. Dying Cockroach


Rinse and Repeat:

Second round 20 reps per exercise.




Prayers for family members and coworkers.

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