Farm Animal Yoga??

AO: The Storm

When: 06/10/2023

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (10): Better Call Saul, Big Perm, Deuce (Jay Mooney), Mantooth, Snake, Snowman, Swiper, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl


It was time for the “Alpha-Ruck Q” to get up to a real Rucking AO so YHC put his name on the Q sheet at The Storm. Was really looking forward to Goat Yoga and some good fellowship….at least one of those were had and more on that later.


Nah, just a good ole disclaimer and off we went with a 40 lbs sandbag as our traveling companion.

The Thang:

Straight to Greenway in a moderately decent pax, I guess. It wasn’t 5 minutes in did the group realize Mantooth had no sandbag b/c he intended to run, but no other runners showed up…so he gladly took the 40 lbs bag for a bit. Then Big Perm showed up so off Mantooth went for a run.


YHC had timer set for every 10 minutes where pax would perform some sort of exercise.

  • Merkins
  • OH Presses with sandbag
  • Ruck Swings
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Rifle Carry

Back to the flag right at 8:00 am as our tour guide Swiper showed impeccable timing.



  • Prayers and praise for Snowman and his journey. Big props as well on award he won at his work convention out in Cali.


  • Prayers for the family dealing with tragedy of Denmark HS student.


  • Prayers for YHC’s M who’s been dealing with work stress lately.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great morning visiting The Storm and a bit crowded today with a 5K and fun run taking place at Halcyon.


What wasn’t taking place was the Goat Yoga YHC was excited to witness…..but just another reason to get back up to The Storm soon. However, from the looks of the sign it may be more of an entire farm animal Yoga which would possibly be way more entertaining 🙂


Thanks for joining and honored to lead men!



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