A Dubs Dynasty Tribute

AO: Windjammer

When: 06/09/2023

QIC: Sparkie

PAX (15): Caroline, Cookie, Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, Funyun, Mayflower, Maytag AI, Nair, NRA, Townie, uga, Walkie Talkie, Aquaman


We are in the middle of the NBA Finals so it was a great time to celebrate the defending champion and dynastic franchise, the Golden State Warriors (Dubs for short).  They fell short this year mostly due to cheating by opponents, but they will make another run next year. Plan was to have 7 circuits to represent the franchises 7 championships.  We finished 5 circuits to represent the 5 titles won since the team moved to California.


Mosey to the dam for Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers and SSH.

The Thang:

Let’s pay tribute to the 3 future Hall of Famers:

Klay Thompson: the man scored 60 points in a game on 11 dribbles while touching the ball for 88 seconds.  What a legend.  Uniform #11 so naturally we did 11’s.

Two movements (one at each baseline) that add up to 11 reps.  Starting with 1 rep of Annie Mercans, then 10 reps of Bobby Hurley’s.  Back for 2 reps of Annie Mercans and 9 reps of Bobby Hurley’s and so on.

Steph Curry: too many accolades to list.  Today’s GOAT.  Way better than LeBron.  Uniform #30 so we did some Curry 30’s…over to the coupon pile where half the group did 30 curls and 30 overhead presses while the other half of the group ran a lap.  Groups then switched.

Back to the court for the Draymond Green tribute:  the man has accumulated over $1,000,000 in fines in his career.  #Respect.   Uniform #23.  PAX split out into the 4 corners of the court to do 23 reps each of LBC, Squats, Caroline Dry Dock, and Calf Raises (1 movement in each corner).

Back for more Curry 30’s of Skull Crushers and Rows and a lap.

Back to the court for a final Klay Thompson tribute of 11’s with Bonnie Blairs and Alternating Shoulder Touches.

Part of the group ran up the hill back towards the flag while the others went the longer route around.  Short Mary at the flag including the world famous Mountain Man Pooper courtesy of False Start.


Next Saturday 6/17: Fowler Park run and a beer ruck from Jekyll to Gate City or something like that.  Separate events at different times so feel free to Giddy-Up and do both.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s a pleasure to lead.  June Friday fishing on the S.S. Cookie makes for a great start to the weekend.  And catching 2 fish, despite Dipstick’s presence, made it even better.  Cheers to you all.

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