AO: Badapple

When: 06/05/2023

QIC: Chalupa

PAX (5): Avis, goat, Goose, Rusty, Tank


Nice Monday to Celebrate yours truly birthday which is actually Tuesday the 6th


SSH, Hillbilly, Weedpicker, Michael Phelps, Sun Gods, Copperhead squats, Mtn Climbers. Kept the theme of 5 or 5×2=10 reps

The Thang:

Mosey for morning call at pull-up station

Good mornings while 1 pax did 5 pull ups while others did merkins to count.

Mosey back to base

With our coupons, Mr Cinder, we rep’d every exercise to count (5+5=10)

1. squats while cinder held above with arms extended

2. curls

3. shoulder press

4. Merkins using cinder

Cusak (rifle carry) 180 around parking lot

Repeat above except chest press instead of merkins

Lunges 180 back to start

In theme, 55 lbc’s

another set of 10’s and repeat above

55 v-ups

meet Goat on Zima’s hill for run down, 55 shoulder taps beta count.

back up the hill and 55 dying cockroaches

Just enough time for 1 more 360 of exercise, rifle carry’s and lunges.

finished off with box cutters…. Whew!!


Thoughts and prayers for Sprocket and his mom and dad as he is in Texas.

The Skole family with the passing of the oldest son, Mike.

My cousin Mathew

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