Tracy Chapman or Mia Hamm??

AO: Windjammer

When: 06/02/2023

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (14): Caroline, Cookie, Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, Funyun, Longshanks, Maytag, Nair, Rollback, Sparkie, Townie, uga


8 years in F3…..June 2, 2015.


14 pax were ready to go at 6:00 am (Windjammer summer hours) with 3 pre-runners being among them. Nothing super special planned for the morning except the good ole usual with the men of F3. YHC did allude to the number 8 also being his lucky/favorite number…..the entire beatdown a couple pax would try and figure it out.


Mosey up to the flag overlooking the lake for the usual.  A little extended warm-up included a trip across road for some clock merkins…..8 reps each at 9:00, 12:00, 3:00 and 6:00.

The Thang:

3 Man Dora:
Rotations consisted of Exercise-Bear Crawl-Run. YHC would change up the Bear Crawl to Lunge and Crab Walk periodically.
  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Shoulder Taps (alpha)
  • 150 American Hammers (alpha)
  • 200 LBC’s
  • 250 Flutters (alpha)
  • 300 Monkey Humpers
Scout run
Mary back at the flag


YHC had the pax take 30 seconds to think about any praise or prayers they wanted to lift up during COT. UGA had an unspoken prayer he needed to be lifted up.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Weeks ago YHC grabbed this Q spot here at Windjammer as it was to the day, 8 years ago that he decided to set a super early alarm clock for some crazy, cult-like workout.

Men of all ages, races, backgrounds and fitness levels for some reason get all giddy and jacked-up about spending 45 minutes with each other in the early morning gloom. It didn’t take long back in June of 2015 for YHC to figure out WHY. And so glad that today, 8 years later it is still going strong and touching the lives of so many men across this globe.


Oh and no Cookie, my idol growing up was NOT Tracy Chapman or Mia Hamm. It was Tracy Ham, who wore #8 at Georgia Southern (when YHC was in his adolescent years) and was an absolute stud!! Go look him up 🙂


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