AO: Brimstone

When: 06/02/2023

QIC: Blue

PAX (8): Avis, Blue, Boomstick, Caffeine, Circus, Donor, Meltdown, Moonshine


Disclaimer issued using the “DiCCS” format.



Light stretching.

Jog around the horseshoe.

The Thang:

3 Waves of 1 minute each (w 10 second transition):

  • Ladders: Icky Shuffle, Vertical Step up/Step backs, Forward In & outs.
  • Abs: LBC’s, Left Obliques, Right Obliques
  • Jump Rope.

At completion,  grab a lifting coupon.  All not participating in Mirror Drill is lifting rock:

“Mirror Me” Cone Drill:  5 cones in a straight line, the distance is up to you. Both Actor and Reactor starts facing each other at middle cone. Actor picks a direction —  reactor takes the opposite direction. Both must run outside (circle around) all cones, but return to the same exact place they started. First PAX to knock over the center cone with his hand wins.

At completion, mosey to Right end of horseshoe with lifting coupon.  All not participating in Quiz is lifting rock:

Quiz:  Name all 5 parts of an F3 workout in order.  If right, go to back of line.  If wrong, run up the horseshoe, stepping a foot in each circle on the way.

At completion, mosey to middle of Horseshoe, approx 40 yards from the upper lip.

Sprints:  Winners had to step back 3-5 steps before next sprint, giving others a head start.  Competition was highly encouraged. did this 5x.

At completion, collect cones and circles, return the coupons, and 60 seconds of LBC’s to the bell.


  • Gratitude for my wife’s cancer-free diagnosis
  • Safety for our brother and Brimstone founder, Grease Monkey as he travels today
  • Other intentions named in our CoT, but not sure if I am allowed to publish.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Men are meant to be in tribes–it is our natural habitat.  I am honored to belong to F3 with PAX like those with whom seated beside this morning.  Thank you for letting me lead you.

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