Sorry not sorry

AO: The Bridge

When: 06/02/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (3): Birdie, Homer, Zohan


I have not been a regular at the Bridge for some time, but promised Birdie I’ll come back and Q. A spiral of floor lights caught my attention, reminding me of a board game and was the inspiration for today’s beatdown.

Came a bit early to set stuff up and had a cone ready for each player. With only 2 HCs and no unconfirmed PAX, made a last moment decision Р2 cones per player.


Even before the beatdown started each of us wrote their name on 2 cones each.

A quick disclaimer, grabbed the cones and mosey toward the “game board”. Cones were set at the starting point and we continued our mosey. Circled up next to the “rule board”, set (in)conveniently a few feet away from the game board.

SSH, Hillbillies, Weed Pickers and OYO Arm circles while I explained the rules.

The Thang:

Rules of the game:

  • No turns. Play as fast as you can. It meant to be somewhat chaotic.
  • Roll a dice and pick an exercise.

The Rule Board had 3 exercises for each option on the dice. For example, if you rolled ‘1’ then choose between 10 Merkins, 15 LBCs or 10 Jump Squats. See the Picture for the full list of exercises.

  • After completing the exercise run to the game board and move your cone. Note: Because we had 2 cones each, move the one behind.
  • If you land on an empty space – turn complete. Run back to the rule board and roll again.
  • If you land on a space with cone – stack your cone on top and your turn is complete.
  • If someone stacked their cone on top of yours, you cannot move. Plank till you are free and then move. Note: Because we had 2 cones, if you could not move one then move the other. If both cones could not be moved then plank. That didn’t happen, though.
  • If you land on a space with a card, follow the instructions.

Throughout the 40 spaces on the game board, 14 cards were placed.

  • 4 Run cards: if you land on it, shout Run. EVERYBODY runs a loop then resume whatever they were doing.
  • 3 Switch Place cards: if you land on it, switch positions with the last cone (or stack of cones). If you are the last cone, switch position with the first cone.
  • 6 Do all cards: if you land on it, need to complete the other 2 exercises from the rule board. For example, if I rolled 3 and chose to do 20 Freddie Mercury, then my move landed on a Do all, I need to also do 10 Hand Release Merkins and 10 Step-ups.
  • 1 Back to Start card located on the last space. Both Homer and myself were “lucky” enough to step on it at the end of the game.

Birdie was the only one with a cone at the finish line, so he’s the winner.

Not everything worked out smoothly. A few instructions were not as clear as they could have / should have been. Fortunately it matters not, since the goal is to workout and that we all did.



Blood drive. Homer soon to start a new position.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Articulation is one of the 4 Effective Leadership skills. Not enough to have a vision, need to be able to articulate it. Sometimes it’s the downfall of too-complex beatdowns. I hope I did well enough today. I really enjoy incorporating different formats, but the goal is always to work out hard. It was fun, and yet we got ~2 miles of running and a several hundred reps of full body exercises. Homer talked about taking this concept and modifying it to fit other AOs (that don’t happen to have 40 floor lights set up so nicely), maybe with Cinders. That would be the best compliment!

Thank you for playing along with me today!!

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