9 Eagles

AO: Galaxy

When: 06/01/2023

QIC: Jorts

PAX (9): Drain Hole, Fondue Guy, Forrest, Jorts, LiMu, Skol, Steamer, Tweaker, Wideright


All in cadence x10

  • SSH
  • Don quixote
  • Bear hugs
  • Copper head squats
  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Weed pickers
  • Skol claps

The Thang:

All pax grab a coupon and mosey to the pavilion

All exercises x 11

  1. Merkins
  2. lunges (alpha count, with a coupon)
  3. OH press with coupon
  4. coupon Swings
  5. flutter kicks (alpha count)
  6. mountain climbers (alpha count)
  7. V-ups
  8. Plank coupon pull throughs
  9. Cusak up and around stairs (~200 yards)

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