Check in at the Rubicon

AO: Academy

When: 05/30/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (2): Turbine


Suddenly everyone is out of town or just not saying anything as they surely had too much fun on Memorial Day (Cookie….) but I will pick it up and acknowledged that I was too curious about the Rubicon special guest and would likely drop in for part of their work. It was worth it.

The Thang:

Mosey through the lot to the Mercan Mile road. For my kid’s birthday yesterday we did 17 squats at the intersection and 17 mercans at the bumps. In case there was not enough yesterday.

To the pool lot for a snake style where one side was 10 bonnie blair single, and the other was 10 LBCs. This meant back to back LBC and Bonnie Blair as we moved over each lane but we worked it out. We then spy the Ha-ha Tesla which was a welcome surprise as we regularly encourage him to come back and see us. A short bear crawl until we catch up with the Rubicon team.

While they warm up we grab a girlfriend and get some early curls in.

Jump in on Ha-has BD with a soundtrack from the popular basketball movie Air Bud and kept with them for a few rounds/songs. Caught up on weekend things etc.

Turbine and I take off at a hair past 6 as I had at least a bit more I wanted to achieve today.

Mercan mile return and a stop at the stadium steps for two ups and two downs

Circle up for a bit of Mary and clocked exactly 1 hour 1 second on the watch when we called it.


Prayers for summer kids and summer pax that missed out this morning, prayers for life changes and work

Bolo for some 5k and 2nd f opportunities on Fridays.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and have someone else do half the work.

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