exploring town center

AO: The Bridge

When: 05/26/2023

QIC: Birdie

PAX (3): Birdie, Maguire, Potter (Matt Rowand)


With the grand re-opening of Bushwood & Ballboy’s birthday Q @ Boneyard, YHC expected the attendance at the Bridge to dip. Glad to have 2 other PAX joined in.


Quick disclaimer and off we went. We moseyed toward the Piedmont Bank back parking lot where we did Weed Picker, Good Morning, Windmills, SSH & Moroccan Night Club.

The Thang:

Moseyed to pedestrian bridge for Sevens: Dips & Step-up, Mercans (10)

Continued mosey to Chase Bank parking lot where we did Alligator Mercans on one side of the parking lot & Copper Head Squat (15).

Then we continued moseyed along Peachtree Corner Circle toward the playground where there’s a path to the  bottom of unfinished part of the park. We did another 7’s: Burpees & Jump Squat.

Then we moseyed toward the pull-up bars area where we did 2 set of 7’s: Pull-ups & Reverse Crunch.

Moseyed to the green area where we did the modified Jack Webb: Monkey Humper (1) – Lunges (4).

With a few minutes left, YHC called for time and we moseyed back to the flag area for some Mary.


Prayer for Dinghy’s interview and safe travel for those traveling during the long Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day MURPH  @ the Bridge/MeatBridge.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Grateful for F3 and the friendship made over the past 3 years. Until next time, SYITG.

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