Perfect run weather

AO: Jailbreak

When: 05/25/2023

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (18): Ansel Adams, Baskins, Cockroach, Happy Tree, Inseam, Joro, Krystal, la-Z-boy, Mantooth, Mr. Hand, Prius, Scampi, Schneider, Shroot, Swiper, Whiz, Scott Steiner


Huge day with great weather, 10 pre runners running between 4:30 and 5 !



The Thang:

Down Castleberry, East on Hutchinson, behind the Goodwill, through the strip malls, passing by the climate controlled nonsense of Planet Fitness, and North on Atlanta Highway back to the flag.


Krystal BIL for good health in rehab

Murph Monday

Happy Tree Family Olympics Monday afternoon


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Beautiful Day.

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