Me and an FNG-ish Toadstool

AO: Starting Line

When: 05/24/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (2): Script Kiddie, toadstool


Pre-ruck was just me and a clean shaven/barely recognizable Toadstool, but it was good to have him back in the gloom after work and vacation had kept him away for awhile, it was a good pace and we got in about 2 miles to start the day.
As 530 approached I was waiting to see the headlights from the 2 PAX that gave HCs for the BD…. but none were seen so it worked out to be just me and Toadstool, but it is not about the number of PAX it is about having HIM around each other to help us get better be it 2 or 22, but that being said it would be nice to have more PAX.  SirMixalot was on vacation and there has been some chatter that my Beatdowns are a bit on the intense side, terms like sadist and masochist have been mentioned during the BDs.  All I can say is if the PAX want to avoid my BDs simply put their names on the Q sheet so I cannot grab the days, just a suggestion.


Standard mosey and we circled, well with 2 lined up at the normal spot
Wiley Mayes Hayes
Moroccan night clubs
Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang:

This was originally set for Saturday but Ace took the Q and gave us a solid BD/Yoga session which was surprisingly good, now I am not going to run out and get an F3 Broga Mat but it was way better than I thought it would be.
Thang 1
Headed to the mound for a round of 7s
No Surrenders on one side
bear crawl up to the top of the mound
3 merkins at the top
Head down the other side and do crab humpers
3 more merkins at the top
Once that was done we took a long mosey back to the warm up spot

Thang 2
This on was quick but not so easy
10 Around the world merkins
Then on to the stairs

Thang 3
Due to the fact I just completed the 5000 merkins F3 Cherokee May Merkin Challenge, so, what better way to celebrate then… you guessed it, do More merkins
Finger tip touch merkins
5 ranger merkins at the mid point landing
Crucible merkins at the top
Paying a 5 ranger merkin toll, each time up and down
At about the half way point, I switched the toll to be 5 jump squats to give the arms a bit of a rest, everything else stayed the same
Toadstool did a great job and as time ran out we completed the 11s.


Quick count and nameOrama

Prayer requests
For allergies and for his job situation

Acceleration Point
We do not create our future, our actions create habits, and those habits create our future, so be aware of and work on your habits to make your future better.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria time.

It was great to have Toadstool back in the gloom and he did a great job taking on everything I throw at him and it was great just to have a bit of time to catch up with him.  We missed the PAX that were not able to make it due to vacation or fartsacking.

Thankful that I get to start my day with a victory and share it with great men  like Toadstool, now lets get out out and start stacking more wins on what was done ITG.


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