Voluntold to Q

AO: Windjammer

When: 05/22/2023

QIC: False Start

PAX (9): Cox, Deep dish, Dipstick, False Start, Mayflower, Nair, NRA, Townie, uga


No Q on the sheet, the boss told me to Q, so I Q-ed like a good little PAX.

The Thang:

Ruck through The Bluffs, down Web Bridge Road to the greenway turnaround, and then back the the flag.  Those with a few extra minutes did a short loop in the parking lot.

Passed Sandy around so everybody got a turn.


Blood Drive – Sign up or Dipstick will take it from you forcibly.

Closed next week for The Murph from downtown Alpharetta.  Join & modify as needed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We need to teach these guys how to hit the HC button the day before, but good group to get out on a Monday morning.

Until next time!

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