Evolution of Man

AO: Gladiator

When: 05/18/2023

QIC: Other

PAX (16): Chanel, Cheneral, Darkside, defcon2, Fire Drill, Laces, Macbeth, Mater, Moonshine, Motorboat, Scratch-Off, Snowbird, Speedo, Tebow, WhiteWater


The QIC was inspired by the Welsh Dragon during the convergence so decided to create an entire workout that evolved from groundwork to standing. Because ya know, you’ve gotta crawl before you can walk/run!


Short mosey after a longer than usual disclaimer because of the FNG that had joined us today to the center of East Roswell Park’s newest pride and joy…freshly returfed and pelleted pitches. That was pitches with a P, don’t get it twisted.

SSHs, arm circles, windmill, and then World’s Greatest Stretch

The Thang:

The PAX was instructed to line up on the sideline about half of the group on one side of the cones that were placed roughly equidistant from one sideline to the other. Instructions were as follows:

Round 1:  Army crawl on your belly across the field stopping at each cone to do an ascending rep count (1 – 11) of each of 3 exercises:  Hand release mercans, J-Los, and candlesticks. Burpees for the 6 and then a sprint back across the field to the starting point.

Round 2:  Bear crawl across the field w/ the following at each stop:  diamond mercans, shoulder taps, plank jacks. More burpees for the 6 and another sprint back across the field.

Round 3:  Lunge walk across the field w/ the following at each stop:  burpees, monkey humpers, and sumo squat jumps. The Q being the kind and benevolent dictator that he is allowed the PAX to do mercans and squats for the 6, followed by a final sprint across the field. Round 3 was highlighted by a lovely cool breeze the QIC had “pre-ordered” to shift the grumble chatter to more positive mumbling.

With some time left, the QIC lined the PAX up on the sideline again and we did a suicide using the same 10 stations across the field.

We headed back to the flag for some Merry that included mountain climbers, American hammers, and some light Boats and Canoes before time was up.


Spandex’s sister and her marriage

Fannie Mae’s cancer treatment/diagnosis and heart transplant need

DC2’s job search

All said and unsaid

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I appreciate the opportunity to lead and think creatively about how to bring the pain in new and different ways. I especially like when there’s little to no chatter because it means that the PAX is working hard and not coasting. Good work today, fellas!

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