Deconstruction at the Creek

AO: Big Creek

When: 05/17/2023

QIC: Swiper

PAX (15): Bill Dance, Corn Dog, Crab Cake, Hushpuppy, Inseam, Mr. Hand, Olaf, Schneider, Shag, Snowman, Soul Glo, Spit Valve, Striker, Swiper, Valley Girl, Hal


It appears that some of the Cumming PAX (i.e. @Jugdish) embarked on an initiative to drive any and all soft cockery behavior out of Forsyth County on a rail.  Since YHC has had his fill of cinders lately (and they require a degree of advance planning that isn’t likely to happen with this Q) we had to find another way to keep the pain meter in the red…let’s do this!


The 3 HC’s we had at 9 PM last night turned into a wave of PAX who decided to join the party.  I’m wondering if Hal and I might be distant cousins or something as he mirrored my standard arrival protocol in just his 2nd BD!  #cumminginhot and off we go…

Mosey to the BC intersection for Mary:


Weed Picker

Good Morning

Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang:

Let’s head to the OG Big Creek Field – haven’t been here in a while and it just happens to be the perfect location for…

De-constructed BEAR-pees:

PAX bear crawl 10 steps Alpha count and perform:

Burpee Step 1 – the Flying Squirrel: Drop and kick legs back – 10 reps

bear crawl 10 steps Alpha count and perform:

Burpee Step 2 – The Hand Release Mercan – 10 reps

bear crawl 10 steps Alpha count and perform:

Burpee Step 3 – plank to lower squat position – 10 reps

you know the drill

Burpee Step 4 – 10 jump up’s

Next:  AMRAP burpees until someone reaches 40…big loud RESPECT for @Schneider who took the crown!

Reverse the burpee breakdown back to the starting line doing crawl bears in between.

Whew…glad that’s over.  But Hushpuppy has recently reconsidered his “office Wednesday” schedule and was able to join us so…we had to add in some:

Deconstructed Wolverines – Same routine as above with the addition of (2) Peter Parkers on either side of the Hand Release Mercans.

AMRAP Wolverines to 20 at the finish and this time the crown goes to @Soul Glo!  Falling short of the RESPECT Pax right next to him in the burpee contest was more than he could take so he summoned all of the youthful exuberance he could muster and wound up with the victory in hand.

Next, Mosey to the picnic tables for a mini-Dora:

50 step-up’s (Alpha)

100 Irkins

150 Star Jumps

Partner B runs to 2nd soccer field and back

Mosey back to the flag with a sprint to the finish in the last 100 yards – Well done PAX!!!


Prayers for events this weekend;

  • Rubicon hosting at The Bound – BD and breakfast to follow (Fagan’s biscuit barn is worth a trip over there, trust me)
  • Training for “Speed for Need” race that is coming up.  Practice running while pushing a wheelchair in support of a great cause.  See Slack for additional details

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Another great element to today’s festivities was a surprise visitor that joined us for coffeteria, our brother @Cockroach!  Great to see him and he set an example that we all can follow…take a step.  In this life we all encounter troubles and we will have highs and lows that often are outside of our control.  All of our events, including coffeteria, are OPEN TO ALL MEN so come join us wherever and whenever you can.  If you need something, don’t be afraid to ASK, but if not, just come and join us.  You will always be welcome!  On that note, awesome having @Snake back in the fold this week as well!  I confirmed that he was in Columbus this morning so he gets a pass and I took a screenshot of the HC he dropped for Friday on our company’s private messaging app earlier today!

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