Cinders and Ashes

AO: Grindstone

When: 05/15/2023

QIC: Spit Valve

PAX (11): Bill Dance, Corn Dog, Crab Cake, Inseam, jugdish, Striker, Swiper, Tricycle (Mike Stolorena), Valley Girl, HAL


Pre-blast mumblechatter was off the charts for this BD. One PAX remarked that he had trouble digging through the 32 threaded replies to find out where to HC! It was all in good fun as always…

YHC was celebrating another trip around the sun (#46). My birthday present again this year was for my son (Striker – 16) and my daughter’s boyfriend (Bill Dance – 18) to join me in the gloom. I’ll take that present whenever I can get it.


After a quick loop around the parking lot, we came back to the flag (and cinders) for the following exercises in cadence.

  1. Good mornings
  2. Willie Mays Hayes
  3. Moroccan Night Clubs
  4. Motivators

The Thang:

Grab a cinder and head to the sideline of the turf field. After a quick math correction, all PAX perform 30 exercises on the near sideline and 16 on the far sideline for a total of 46 each round. After getting the 70s music queued up, it was time for some fun:

  1. 30 squats with the cinder, mosey to far side and complete 16 merkins, mosey back and perform squats for the 6.
  2. 30 curls with the cinder, mosey to far side and complete 16 burpees, mosey back and perform curls for the 6.
  3. 30 swings with the cinder, mosey to far side and complete 16 big boy situps, mosey back and perform swings for the 6.
  4. 30 overhead press with the cinder, mosey to far side and complete 16 plank jacks, mosey back and perform overhead press for the 6.
  5. 30 inclined merkins on the cinder, murder bunnies to far side and complete 16 plank jacks, murder bunnies back and sit on your block to recover while waiting for the 6.
  6. Riffle carry from one side of the field and back.

Enough with the blocks, time to drop them and run around a bit. Mosey to the wall for some balls against the wall. After Jugdish once again showed us he owns it, mosey to the parking lot for some DB drills. Lastly, grab a bench and perform 46 step ups. Mosey back to the flag for a few minutes of Mary.


Payers for Corn Dog’s dad and his appointments with doctors this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I tried to bring the pain and it was generally well received. It was great having an FNG and some young bucks with us to share in the fun. BTW, the post BD thread count currently sits at 19. All the mumblechatter is a great reminder for me of what we have in Cumming.

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