Cake Day Beat Down

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/15/2023

QIC: Tenderfoot

PAX (10): Animal, BallBoy, Boomer, Plumb Bob, Popper, Scrooge, Splinter, Tenderfoot, Zima, Preach


As tomorrow is YHC birthday I felt inspired to lead. Its a great day for a BD.


We did a warm up consisting of the following:



-Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang:

We did a mosey over to the Perimeter track to begin the beatdown.

We did several circuits around the track with slower mosey on the first straight, bear crawl/lunge walk on the curve and faster mosey on the way back. In between:

  1. 20 mercans and 10 burpees, with plank
  2. 20 squats and 10 mercans, with plank
  3. 30 alpha lunge and 20 mercans with plank
  4. 20 gas pumpers and 20 LBCs

We then did a last lap of the track ending at the steps. We did 3 sets of the following:

  1. 10 alpha step-ups
  2. 10 dips
  3. 10 derkins

We then ran back to the regal parking lot and did a ring of fire to 100 mercans as a group.

Then we did one exercise going back to the circle: run to the first light 2 mercans, bernie back, run to second light 2 mercans and then run to the flag.

We ended with a round of Mary for 5 minutes.


Glad my dog appears on the road to recovery from an ER vet visit yesterday.

Popper brought up the Bushwood AO starting soon for the summer and will go up on slack.

Prayers for all issues unsaid for our friends and families.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate another year around the sun and for all the great blessings being a part of F3 has given me.

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