Perfect Timing

AO: Grindstone

When: 05/12/2023

QIC: jugdish

PAX (6): DirtyMO, Hail Mary, Inseam, Swiper, Valley Girl


YHC’s reign of terror continues at Grindstone


Mosey to the bottom of the big parking lot for the usual… SSH, WMH, weed pickers, sun gods

The Thang:

Gather at the pavilion for a full body beatdown. Right in time for the rain.  Six total rounds of 10,20,30 reps then run up the hill for 5 burpees, run down and repeat.

1st and 2nd round: 10 box jumps, 20 merkins, 30 BBSU, run up the hill for 5 burpees

3rd and 4th round: 10 Durkins, 20 step-ups, 30 Leg Raises, run up the hill for 5 burpees

5th and 6th round: 10 incline murkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 BBC, run up the hill for 5 burpees

Indian Run to the entrance of the park and around the fields to the flag

15 Monkey Humpers IC, 10 lounges alpha cont OYO, more IC Monkey Humpers till time (15-16?)


Inseam dropped a truth nugget about staying focused.  We make progress by taking a thousand steps forward in one direction instead of a thousand steps, in random, unfocused directions

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Missed you, Corn Dog.


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