Eye of the Beholder

AO: Jailbreak

When: 05/04/2023

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (11): Baskins, Crab Cake, Happy Tree, la-Z-boy, Olaf, Pinkman, Prius, Schneider, Shroot, Swiper, Whiz


May the 4th: Needed a Star Wars Strava Art route.  Banged head against the wall then turned to route-master Inseam for the assist.


No one stretched

The Thang:

Ran the Jedi logo route

err.. maybe its a cactus

it’s also national day of prayer.. so praying hands?



Prayers up for Baskin’s mom, Swipers BIL, and HT’s daughter.

Convergence this weekend at the Wreck.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today’s Strava Art is whatever you want it to be.  Geek out with lightsabers, spend time praying, go hard like an Arizona cactus.  We see what we want to see in art as we do in life.  A lot of it is really up to us.

Grateful to lead these men and for their patience in humoring me during the twist and turns today.

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