Leg Day

AO: Badapple

When: 05/03/2023

QIC: Ollie

PAX (10): Avis, Chalupa, goat, Rusty, Sprocket, The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Toasted, Turbine


Don’t skip leg day


Quick warm up (the usual):

  • 10x Weed Pickers
  • 10x Toy Soldiers
  • 10x Copperhead Squats

Then we head over to the hill near the sit-up station.

The Thang:

Starting at the top of the hill, we did 15’s.  Top of hill: merkin, bottom of hill: alpha count lunges.

Jogged over to the parking lot below the baseball field.

Another round of 15s, starting at the bottom: Bottom of hill: squats, top of hill: step ups

Jogged to the field behind the school.  Walked the field via reverse lunges, stopping every second tree for 5 burpees.

Upon return to the flag, cranked out LBCs until 6:15.


Reminders about Thursday’s 2nd F and Saturday’s convergence.

Thanks to Sprocket for this morning’s coffee.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

No recognition of Nerf Herder made me a bit sad.  But still happy to see everyone this morning.

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