Holding down the Fort

AO: Grindstone

When: 04/28/2023

QIC: DirtyMO

PAX (3): Crab Cake, Hail Mary


This was my V-GA-Q!


Started with some weed pickers, good mornings and runner’s stretches to loosen things up.

The Thang:

Set 1: 3 rounds of down and backs on the football field with exercises at the 25, 50, 25 and goal line. 1st round was 5 dive bombers at the yard lines, 2nd round was 10 merkins (traditional, wide and diamond) at the yard lines, 3rd round was 20 squats (full-range of motion) at the yard lines.

Set 2: 2 rounds of a combined exercise where 1 pax would perform 50 SSH while the other two accumulated counts of an exercise and then we would trade positions performing SSH till the total number was reached.  1st round: goal was 150 dips.  2nd round: goal was 200 LBC’s.

Set 3: We took turns counting to 25 with burpees around the circle while the PAX not doing a burpee would do SSH till we hit our total number.

Set 4: round of Mary.  Box cutters, American Snowman (hammers), Duck Waddles, Dead Bugs and a Bruce Lee exercise that Crab Cake enjoys.


Prayers to our brothers running the SMR for safety and opportunities to bond.

And prayers for the rest of us as we go throughout our day to find ways of incorporating grace into our conversations and leave the stress of work at work.

A challenge for all of us is to not forget the amazing benefits of the “man-date” challenge that Benny thru down last year as iron-sharpens-iron and the power of this group is amazing!


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