Don’t Drop The Baton

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/26/2023

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (18): Angus, Animal, BallBoy, Boomer, Chopper, Doughboy, Humperdinck, Maguire, Meatball, Morphine, Mounty, Pigtails, Saint2O, Scrooge, Stroller, Sunshine, Thomas Rogers (Kasparov), Zohan


The high school region track meet was this week for my daughter’s team, so that inspired this BD.


The Hooch usual warmup includes: SSH, WP, IW, MNC

The Thang:

Did an Indian Run to the Perimeter Track except we were passing back a track baton, and last person only went to the front when they got the baton. The was a penalty if you dropped the baton, but no one did (miraculously).

Once we got to the Track, it was announced that we would be doing a Cooper. Start with 10 burpees, 10 squats, and 10 mountain climbers (alpha), then run a lap around the 200m track. then 9 of each of the exercises and run a lap, and so on until you get to zero. Amazing that we got through the entire thing! (all while listening to Metallica)

Next mosey back towards the flag with two lines of Indian run and passing the baton forward or backwards or something. It was a bit chaotic, tbh.

Walking lunge through the parking lot by the bakery.

Next YHC asked Pigtails to name an exercise, and he said “Broad Jump”. So we traveled the rest of the way to the flag across the parking lot alternating Bernie Sanders and Broad Jump at each parking lot row.

Got back to the flag and time was up.


Prayers for job search, and kids finishing up the school year.

Convergence at the Wreck on May 6.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead, we had a great group today, thanks!

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