F3 Alpha: The Boardgame (Halpha Day 1AM)


When: 04/22/2023

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (16): Angus, Avis, BallBoy, Big Papi, Caffey, Caroline, DDoS, Irene, jugdish, Maytag AI, Saint2O, Special K, Stroller, Kix, Edibles


Stroller put out the call for who brings the creative and interesting Qs in support of HALPHA Day, and the fans chanted ‘lumbergh’. I picked up that 1 am spot figuring I would get a run in, maybe another beatdown before checking out for the evening. I also made the mistake of committing to a Boneyard Q that morning. No worries, I will get through it.

Ideas were formed, rethought, and settled. A trip to Goodwill and some modifications to a copy of Wineopoly and I hope this works.

Note the crazy look in my eyes as I have rucked with No-See-Um, done a beatdown with Angus, and did something you can kind of call running, this day was wearing me down. Props to those that were pushing through the night.


We went around the lot with some side and backwards moving and circled up where I always had planned to do warmup. It just happened to be around Animal’s car who was so eager to leave. I guess he had somewhere else to be at 1:00 AM. Some SSH and WP and we counted off to three groups and headed down to the pavilion.

The Thang:

Deck of Death is old news. This group gets to be the prototype testers for F3Alpha: The Boardgame.

A regular Wineopoly board (can you believe this was at Goodwill and was unopened, never played?!?) was reworked a bit with exercises written on the money and tucked into each space. Roll the dice, check the paper and your whole team does the reps. Simple concept. Exercises were typically low count but will be hitting lots of exercises. (15 Mercans, 10 Jump Squats, LBCs, etc. etc.) Plenty of variety even though our team hit the Shoulder Taps at least 3 times.

You should also run the lap when you pass Go and if you land in Jail you have a 60 second plank (slight variation from the original plan that would include more burpees but had to adjust due to the group size)

The snags hit early as teams kept landing on the same spot and I struggled to keep up with replacing the papers that had been drawn. It hit the point where people would grab a random one from the middle which is fine. Some other tricks about moving backwards or switching places fizzled as nobody was really keeping up with what team was ‘winning’. The wind also worked to try to erase this game from Halpha Day.

I am not ready to give in, and there is a version of a boardgame that can work. Back to the drawing board for some tweaks.

The key is everyone did some reps and left a little stronger and hopefully enjoyed what I was going for.


Felt odd circling up and not really closing it out knowing that some had to get ready for Dinghy who had just driven in and looked very eager for HIS first workout of the night. That was my clue to get out of there.

But circling up was so great to see an assortment of people from many AOs and faces I don’t see enough. Meant a lot to me for those that showed up or stuck around and supported/roasted me.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and pass Go with this group.

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