A Ruckin’ Good Time


When: 04/21/2023

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (25): Avis, BallBoy, Big Papi, Caffey, Cookie, DDoS, Dosido, Irene, jugdish, lumbergh, Mater, Plumb Bob, Script Kiddie, Shooter, Shortcake, Sirmixalot, Special K, Sprocket, Stroller, Thumper, TURK, Stagedive, Daisy, Edibles


The third HALPHA Day workout was a RUCK designated one and so YHC decided to take the reins. Luckily the back issues worked themselves out that YHC was dealing with the day before and all was a go for the 10 pm slot.


25 Pax gathered and were ready to get after it! A few men needed to borrow Rucks and/or Sandbags, but that is okay as there are always extras for those men wanting to get a little taste of rucking.


Kudos to Caffey grabbing a hold of the 60 LBS sandbag like it was nothing!



Circle up around flag pole with a light warm-up for the men just getting out to HALPHA Day.

Squats, Merkins, Arm Circles, Covids, etc

The Thang:

Ruck towards Wills Drive where the pax in front air squared/planked for the six.


Time hack to get to Milton Ave. was 5 minutes but along the way each pax would perform 10-Diamond Merkins, 10-Squats, 10-Monkey Humpers at each of the three speed bumps on the way.

Valiant effort by all, but not everyone finished in time. Continued the ruck down Milton Ave. towards downtown Alpharetta. YHC had semi-planned on getting to the edge of d-town Alpharetta, but mis-managed the time a little bit. Instead YHC took a hard left at Innovation Academy to show the pax one of the newer AO’s in the Alpha “Academy”.


The pax would ruck up and down the stadium steps and this really got the quads burning. Once done a little shuffle was needed to try to catch up on time back towards the Rubicon.


“Dosido!!!! Come show ’em how it’s done!”


The men worked their way back to the flag(s) with a little extra credit done!




After going over the allotted 45 minutes, a quick countorama/nameorama were done only missing Mater who had to take off just a few minutes before stop time.


Honored to lead these great group of #HIM from all over Alpha, Gwinnett and Cherokee.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A great time was had by all, I think, and after 1/4 of the way through the HALPHA Day festivities…YHC had some ice cold PBR for anyone wanting to take part.


A few must when out for a Ruck…..

  • Good Music
  • Recovery Beverage (i.e. BEER)


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