Identity Crisis


When: 04/22/2023

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (8): Avis, Crab Cake, DDoS, jugdish, Knight Rider, muTTon, Stroller, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass


“It’s the second to last one, so I’d love to crush their souls before the grand finale” – Inseam

“Oops, I can’t Co-Q” – Inseam

“I am your Co-Q” – UMass

“I’m part of F3 Cumming” – Snowman

“No, you’re part of F3 Alpha” – Haha

“You Forsyth guys are a bunch of characters” – Anonymous

‘Characters’… is that a good thing or bad thing? And like, who’s my co-Q?  What’s the name of our region?  Wait, sub region – what’s that? Where’s Inseam?

In the midst of a full crisis of Identity, we would look to our Characters to sort ourselves out.


4 Arizona cactuses welcomed us to the park: Stroller, Jugdish, Avis, & DDoS for their 11/12

Short Mosey followed by:

Good Mornings, Moroccan Night Clubs, Weed Pickers IC

quick demo of the pain movements to follow.

The Thang:

Character 1: Wolverine / Hugh Jackman

In the Median Parking Lot, as we moseyed away from the pool, we would deposit 1 Hugh Jackman at each peninsula or light pole.  On our way back to the pool (and because Wolverine emerged from water) we deposited Wolverines on the same markers as we snaked the lot.   18 in total to the sounds of XMen and Greatest Showman


Character 2: Bruce Lee

UM introduced us to the daily workouts of the Bruce.  Lee told us to Be Like Water.  UMass told us to get our a$$es wet in the water – On Your 6.  Super set of the following: Amer Hammers, Leg Raises, LBC’s, Heel Touches, Crunchy Frogs and 100’s (ouch). Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting


Character 3: LL Cool J / Mike Tyson

This Combo of 11’s in the middle of the lot came to Knock Us Out, because Mrs. Cool J told her son to Knock Us Out


Character 4: Lieutenant Dan

UM gave us 1 method of transport back to the flag.  Lt Dans escalating from 1 – 11.  Thankfully YHC had Forrest Gump theme queued up.  The mood sucked worse than the exercise until Rocky’s War came in for the lift.


Character 5: Freddy Mercury

Queen lead off the Mary’s joined by the other queens: Dolly, Chloe, and JLo


8 PAX finally figured themselves out.. we’re a bunch a No-Legged, Beef Cake, High Pitched Voice, Tight Pants Wearing, Chuck Norris fighting MF-ers, damaging ears with our adamantium claws.

Don’t F with Us

UMass & Crab Cake from F3 Cumming Region Sub-Region

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We came to crush souls…but Stroller, Jugdish, Avis, and DDoS were no match for us.  Kudos to the All Nighter Club!!

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