Yoga’atta be rucking with me

AO: Starting Line

When: 04/15/2023

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (6): Ace Ventura, Better Call Saul, DDoS, Janeway, Seaman, Sirmixalot


4 PAX showed up for pre ruck.



The Thang:

PAX rucked for 45 minutes.


Last fifteen was dedicated to a trial run at a yoga session (modeled after DDP yoga, based on strength building as well as flexibility). We did some basic lunge poses, warrior pose, arching, and dynamic resistance.

At the end, Sirmixalot suggested a guided breathing to bring us home. Mission was successful and will try this again with a longer run time.


We discussed upcoming second f on the 29th, and gave prayers to a lot of our friends in need.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Group had coffee for almost an hour after workout, some good Fellowship was had. Great start to the weekend

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