Wait, I’m the Q?

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/13/2023

QIC: Caffey

PAX (17): Avis, Cookie, Deep dish, Devito, FannyPack, Focker, Groundhog, Lefty, Mayhem, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Pinkey, Red Ryder (D Mack), Special K, Turbine, Wilson (Scott Christopher)


Well, after me completely forgetting I was on Q, and a good rousing by Lumbergh and others, I showed up ready to bring the heat! Time to run fellas so let’s go!


It began with a flawless, and I do mean flawless, disclaimer with no please provided because with my disclaimers you have no option but to comply.


First things first, burpees. 10 of them OYO. Caught some off guard!


To the flag pole with butt kicks and high knees along the way.

the standards, SSH, weed pickers, and hillbillies and we are off to the races.

let’s get to running!

The Thang:

We took off down the back path towards the equestrian center getting a good run in. We get to the covered arena area and burpee for the 6. Only then to we realize we are a man down and my plan will be altered.

Never leave a man behind so we head back searching for the 6. We finally find him and I have to modify the Q on the fly. Head over to the playground for some pull-ups and balls to the walls.

Thang 1: Partner up

Partner 1 is doing BTTW while the other partner does 10 pull-ups. Switch places Make our way down by two pull-ups each time moving 10, 8, 6, 4, and finally 2. Round it out with some Mary at the end.

Thang 2: Donkey Dan

Trying to come up with it on the fly, I needed something to do on a wall. Donkey Dans it is. 1 Mercan to 3 donkey kicks moving up to 5 Mercans and 15 donkey kicks. Only problem is the stupid drain pipe keeping me from doing donkey kicks without falling on my face, oh well. Once those are done let’s take off to the hill at the FOD

thang 3: hill work

Well, we ran to the hill at the FOD. Up the hill backwards twice (down regular), then bear crawl up twice (down regular), and then sprint up twice. Oh wait, mumble chatter means it’s not difficult enough (right Devito?), so two more sprints up the hill to round it out.

Thang 4: 11’s

Needing to finish strong I choose 11’s start with 1 jump squat at the bottom and 10 Bonnie Blairs (alpha) at the top. We get to 4/7 and time is running short so 7 at the bottom and 7 at the top and call it a morning.

back to the flag just 45 seconds over time.


Praises for NLB support and fundraising, prayers for ailments, and not about upcoming Halpha event.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I may love running, but getting a good sweat in with this group of men is just what I needed. I’m glad Lumbergh made sure I knew I was the Q and am thankful for everyone putting up with my running shenanigans. Can’t wait to Q again and run some more!

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