Substi-Q on a beautiful Thursday morning

AO: Jailbreak

When: 04/13/2023

QIC: Valley Girl

PAX (11): Ansel Adams, DDoS, Happy Tree, Inseam, Jiminy, Krystal, la-Z-boy, Pinkman, Prius, Schneider


Whiz was out of town so I was happy to substi-Q for Jailbreak


Said, “let’s go”

The Thang:

North on Tribble Gap
West on 12th through the City Center
West on 20
East on Sawnee
South on Tribble Gap
Ran into flag at exactly 6:15.  circled back for some runners and had a really nice run.


La-Z-boy continues to try and become better and achieve new things (hence the name Lazyboy) so strength out to him to figure it out

Cherokee trail half this weekend

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A priceless benefit of F3 is all the chatter around fitness, nutrition, supplements, etc. etc. We should all take advantage of this as much as possible

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