Birthday Biblical Beatdown

AO: Widowmaker

When: 04/09/2023

QIC: Cox

PAX (9): Birdie, Boomer, DeLorean, Ha-ha, NRA, Stroller, TMI, Tater Tot (2.0)


Let my people…ooooh…my hamstring….

In celebration of YHC 46th birthday I was commanded to thrill the PAX with a BD of epic proportion.  With the rain approaching I did my best to have a plan for rain or shine. Just like @Moses split the red sea the @Cox summoned his (lack of) power and prepared for a memorable start to year 46. With Passover in full swing for some of us and Easter tomorrow it seemed like a good idea to put some pain stations and a tour of our home for an hour each week.


Mosey to the giant yoga mat for some warm up. A little perimeter trot and to the center for some SSH/Windmill/Weedpickers/WillieMaysHayes/Toy Soliders (@TMI really has some amazing kicks – request to change his name to @NYCRockettes) and off to our first event!

The Thang:

Pain Stations for fun and enjoyment! multiples of 4 or 6 or 46 or 40 and 6 or 23 and 23 or 20 and something else…lets just see how this goes. Lots of leg and arm stuff – its not the destination its the journey 🙂

  1. Top of the trail gravel hill for 4 squats and 6 Merkin
  2. Bench of the trail gravel hill for a reverse
  3. Take the long road down to the bottom of the gravel trail and more fun
  4. and again in the middle
  5. and again at the bottom bottom
  6. Now back up for some more at the turn
  7. Now off too the hill of joy (hey wait for the Q)
  8. Now down to the bottom for more fun
  9. Now back up (hey wait for the Q)
  10. Now over to the little fork before the Dam
  11. Now the long way to the Dam and lets hold at the side entrance
  12. Now wait for the Q at the dam road (Q looks for a staff, finds a twig, eh – it will work) – hit the rock with the staff and now lets Bear Crawl to the other side (Q struggling)
  13. Now to the Rock Pile lot and grab a coupon (Q picks coupon too big)
  14. Leave to go to Playground Pavilion (@TMI play us something on the piano – ich piaNO)
  15. Circle up for a Circle Burp in the trees
  16. Next step the concession stand for some wall sits and planks
  17. time for more? not really but lets hit 46 step ups at the stone steps
  18. ugh – ok lets go to the flag and COT

I think I exceeded the plague count but it was fun!


Prayers for all and thanks for joining

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Almost 3 years into this F3 thing and I think it might catch on. Always appreciate others showing up and the opportunity to lead.

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